Banya is situated in the central part of the Razlog valley locked between three of the most beautiful Bulgarian mountains Pirin, Rila and Rhodope. The capital Sofia is just 156 km away and world famous ski resort Bansko is only 5 km to the north  just 168 km is the distance to the Mediterranean sea.

Rich with history and sights, as well as famous for its healing mineral water, the village has become an attractive destination for more tourists from the country and abroad

The thermal water springs in Banya are 72, 8 of which are captured. They are located in the village and at the foot of the hill Womens hill. The water temperature is between 37 and 57oC. The water is clear, odorless, without sediment and pleasant to drink. It is weakly mineralized, the chemical composition is hydro-sulphate-sodium, fluorine and silicon; weakly mineralized. It helps in the treatment of chronic and inflammatory diseases of the musculoskeletal system, chronic gynecological diseases and inflammatory diseases of the nervous system.

Until recently the rather unknown village of Banya today offers great opportunities for relax and recreation. In the village you can visit several sites that reveal interesting details of the daily life and the rich history of the region: the Museum of Banya, the old Bulgarian and the old Turkish baths, declared for national monuments of culture and the public laundry. Probably you will be very surprised to see in Banya perhaps the only monument in Bulgaria (and in the world) of former communist leader Georgi Dimitrov and Lenin. Attraction of the village is also the huge stone, which is said to have been thrown by famous hero Krali Marko. You can play tennis, volleyball, basketball or soccer on the open public field, free of charge. In the village you will find horse riding and climbing wall. Jeeps and ATVs for different safaris are available for the lovers of extreme sports.

Just 5 km from Banya there are the lifts of one of the world famous Bulgarian ski resorts – Bansko (72 km ski slopes). You can ski also in Dobrinishte (10 km), as well in Kulinoto (17km), which are appropriate for ski beginners. Besides, you can visit the world famous churches in the village Dobarsko (13 km), visit the park of the dancing bears in Belitsa (15 kilometers), walk the eco-trails of Razlog (2 km), play golf (5 km), bathe in the Mediterranean Sea (160 km). Last but not least we recommend that you visit the Ethnographic Museum of Razlog and get acquainted with the ancient Bulgarian calendar in the city park. The region offers also rich opportunities for picnics and hiking in the three mountains around the village: Pirin, Rila and Rhodopes. But one of our biggest attractions – it is the local cuisine prepared with love and healthy natural products. The taverns and restaurants of Banya are known for their hospitality, delicious and rich menus at reasonable prices.

The plenty of thermal water springs is the reason this place is inhabited since ancient times. The first remains of a culture dating back about IV c. BC., were left by the Thracians. In the II c. BC. the area is possession of Philip II of Macedonia. A temple of Apollo as the god healer was erected. In III c. BC. the Celts come to the region and they maintain a good relation with the Thracians. With the expansion of the Roman Empire in I in. BC. Romans built thermal spa, which impresses visitors today. When the Empire was Christianized, the temple of Apollo was demolished and in its place was built the church “St. Mary “. Later settled the Slavs in the valley.