En plein air of Art PiriN touches – Banya

Carpe Diem Family Hotel,

which is located in the village of Banya, Razlog district, the new pearl of spa tourism in Bulgaria, was the host of En plein air of Art PiriN touches – Banya

With an organizer

Taner Mert

Also participating:

Simeon Krastev / Ivo Uzunov
Roza Stoyanova  / Diana Draycheva
Gabriela Zhekova / Petra Dobrevska
Maria Trifonova / Maria Nikolova

The plein air was held from May 13 – 17, 2024 and artists from different parts of Bulgaria took part in it. As soon as they arrived, they were surprised by the beauty of the area in which the village of Banya and the Razlozhka valley are nestled. Everywhere you look – mountains. On one side – Pirin, you look on the other side – Rila, and on the third – Rhodope. The group gathered in front of the hotel and went for a walk towards one of the mountains, and after only 15 minutes of walking, they found themselves in front of Lake Sexsen. Against the backdrop of Pirin, this is an amazing sight that even the Swiss can envy ;-). And Banya’s

people are fishing here.
Yes, the lake is impressive. But Banya has many more things that impressed our plein airists. The warm mineral springs, the clean mountain air, the colorful gardens of the local residents, the happy chickens and the overall peace, away from the city stress… In fact, have you ever seen a village where almost every pillar has a stork’s nest? Well, Banya is like that (why do we like storks every year?). And the locals lovingly look after their comfort, always making an effort to help if one of them gets into trouble.
And so, 4 days passed imperceptibly, during which the participants explored the area and created together, exchanged experiences and combined with pleasant common dinners and conversations. We sincerely thank our plein air artists for the captured moments of the beauty of the area and the wonderful pictures they left us! We also thank the organizer, Tanner Mert, for the organization, motivation and beauty of the event!
We are waiting for you again!